Ryan Gosling directed his first film. It used to be called How To Catch A Monster. Now it’s called Lost River. It’s entered in Un Certain Regard. This is why he skipped the Cannes Film Festival last year (Only God Forgives). Doubtful that he’ll skip this year. Gosling has been working on it for months, keeping a very, very low profile. He was in Iceland cutting it. And he’s been very undercover in LA.

As for his cast…

Christina Hendricks, Saoirse Ronan, Matt Smith, and his girlfriend Eva Mendes. Will she go too? I would imagine she’d go too.

Am very curious to see how Lost River will be received, how Gosling will be received behind the camera. Whether or not we can add “auteur” behind his name. Whether or not he’s more “auteur” than James Franco. And I so want him to be. But something’s annoying me already. It’s the character names for the film on IMDB:

Christina Hendricks is “Billy”.

Saoirse Ronan is “Cat”

Eva Mendes is “Rat”

Matt Smith is “Bully”

Iain De Caestecker is “Bones”

Why is Hipster Fairy Tale coming to mind?

Attached – some Gosling Cannes nostalgia.