Blake, Ryan, and their daughters, DRAMA and ATTENTION Reynolds

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What? What’s wrong with those names? You think my headline’s over the top? I submit that’s what Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively may as well have named their children. Read on:

This week we found out the name of their second child. It’s a girl, and her name is Ines. I have some thoughts on that name, but more importantly, I have some thoughts on the way we found out about it.

My friends at Nameberry have compiled a list of the most influential celebrity baby names of the year. I love some, Luna Simone, more than others, like say,
Zeppelin Bram, but you know what allllll of those celebrity names have in common?

They were released when the child WAS BORN.

Whether or not you care about celebrity baby names or think other people should, they are a thing of interest, and people pay attention, and a few days or a couple of weeks after the birth, the star’s rep releases a name and a “The family is thrilled and doing fine” or whatever it is. Like clockwork, this happens. You could write it yourself!

But not Blake and Ryan. Nooooo. They have to make a massive production out of NOT releasing the name, and not responding to comments or inquiries and there was all this ‘nurses are NOT to tell’ around the name of their first daughter James, and all of you who roll your eyes all “can you PLEASE try not to judge the name of a defenceless infant” but… are you really trying to tell me that they’re not trying to get attention for these announcements?

So. Ines. Pronounced ‘Ee-nez’ or ‘Ih-nez’ depending on who’s saying it. It’s a version of Agnes, which you may know I’m in love with lately (but not as much as the Polish version, Agnieszka). It’s not used that often – partly, in my opinion, because of the pronunciation questions – but it’s gorgeous, and stands out without being celebrity-wacky. It fits perfectly into the old-people-names-are-new trend.

Does it go with James? Not at all in my opinion, especially since they look like they end the same way but are pronounced so differently. I would not put it past someone to look at those names on paper and go, “So…James and Ines? Like Lines?” You may think I’m underestimating people’s intelligence, but have you been on the internet lately?

Still, the issue is not with the name. The issue is with the deployment of the announcement. Forced, unusual silence followed by an announcement (by way of US Weekly “exclusive” scoop) when they can be assured that everyone is looking at them…it’s the family way, I guess? 

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