Fresh off her triumph at the box office this weekend with The Heat, Sandra Bullock is now in Australia to continue promotion. As I wrote earlier, The Heat delivered on so many levels – Melissa McCarthy is now a major box office draw, Sandy continues to be loved, and the two of them, together, are irresistible, assuaging any doubts about the early plans for a sequel that I wrote about a few weeks ago. Most importantly though, Melissa and Sandy proved that funny women are a draw. And that women can be in movies where they don’t spend all of their time talking about boys. Now can we get more than ONE of those every summer?

Four years ago, Sandy’s The Proposal opened on the exact same weekend in the #1 spot and going on to gross over $160 million domestically and over $300 million worldwide. Later that year, Sandy’s The Blind Spot also earned big, and she won an Oscar for it.

As I’ve already noted, 2013 could follow the same pattern. The Heat grossed more than The Proposal in its opening weekend. And Sandy has Gravity this fall that just might be a contender. You know what I like about Sandy? The Heat’s production budget was just over $40 million. It was about the same as The Proposal. Adam Sandler’s That’s My Boy and Jack & Jill cost over $70 million. They both took a sh-t in theatres. Sandy’s more cost effective and reliable. What’s your problem, Hollywood?

LOVE the blue trousers on her here. So much. HATE the white dress. So much. From the look on her face, so does she. Oh God, and the shoes.