Arriving at Vancouver airport yesterday – Peter Facinelli returning from Portland where he attended a charity event and Sarah Clarke who plays “Bella’s” mother, both in great spirits in anticipation for a busy week ahead on Eclipse.

For more details on what was filmed late last week, click here and for all exclusive shooting details to date, click here, a good resource for Twi-Hards and pseudo journalists who don’t have the hook-ups to source their own information, or the professional courtesy to credit others who do.

Also this weekend – Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser, work out partners, continue to adhere to their training schedule. I’m adhering to my training schedule too. It’s the eating schedule that’s a problem.

Nikki and Elizabeth opted for protein shakes.

I opt for bbq pork and fried rice.

And a new installment of Twi-Hard hatemail. Lately it’s been boring – just the usual “f-ck you bitch, whore, c-nt, hate you SooooooooSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” rants without the creativity.

Tonya, thankfully, sent this in on Friday.

Hi Lainey,

I am embarrassed for the people who with obscenities and swears. Most Twilight fans are not like that and it’s not fair for you to depict all of us as crazed teenagers. I am a grown woman of 32 and happily married. My husband and I enjoy Twilight together and we have been inspired by Bella and Edward’s love but I do not stalk the actors and act silly like the people you describe.

I just want to give you some advice. You have a way with words and sometimes I do laugh but you are very vulgar with your language and the swears. This is not attractive in a woman and men do not find it attractive at all. You say you are married. Marriage is about compromise and hard work. I don’t think your husband will like the way you talk with all your swears. A man can’t take so much vulgarity in a woman. It is not sexy. You should think about it before it’s too late.

Good luck to you Lainey.

PS. “Swears”, the noun, is now my new favourite word.

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