Welcome Back to the Sasha Answers Podcast!

If you listened last week Lainey and I read a letter from Lost Teenager. She is a 14 year old who only a few weeks ago was raped. In the last week, I’ve been emailing with Lost Teenager back and forth and as strong as she is, she still feels victimized, still feels alone and still feels scared. So in our continued support for her, we wanted to dedicate this entire podcast to her with the help of life coach and rape survivor, Nova B Rutherford. Nova is a Personal Development Coach and Speaker and has shared her insights on CTV's The Social, college campuses, and many other forums helping survivors cope and manage. We hope our discussion helps anyone out there who is going through a similar experience.

Before you listen though, I want to thank all of you out there who sent in letters of encouragement, hope and most of all your own personal stories of abuse.

Thanks for your continued support and keep your questions coming to me at [email protected]. Check us out on iTunes and on Google Play to subscribe and leave your and feedback.