I think the fashion request I get the most is for a backpack. There's a butt-load of you out there who want to trade in that good ol’ Jansport for something a bit more mature while still keeping it functional. Hold on to your tits because I think I've found you all a goodie! 

I give you Moop.

This waxed canvas backpack is the way to go. In terms of durability, it's topnotch. This material was originally designed for longshore fisherman to be water repellent and durable so this sh-t is gonna tough it out for years to come. Check.

Now on to the style of the bag. I'm super digging on its utilitarian vibe - its trendless sleek yet relaxed style will go with pretty much any outfit you have on. Check. 

Finally, it can store all your stuff! From books to a 15" laptop to your must-have necessities, you can mule those things around with you all day long. Check.

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