Is not like MK Olsen’s French boyfriend…

The NY Post reported today that Scarlett Johansson’s been seen around town with a new French boyfriend. He has since been identified as Romain Dauriac who used to be a magazine editor and now has a vague “creative director” job title. That’s about right. This is what you do in your 20s: you date ad guys, you date pseudo-thinkers, you get caught up with artists and their art and their wearing of dark-rimmed glasses and stubble and plaid in the pursuit of the artist’s art…BEFORE you get married.

Anyway, Scarjo spent some time in Paris earlier this fall and then came back and broke up with Nate Naylor so…overlap? Why not? She’s not married anymore. And she looks glorious for it, although that may have something to do with the fact that Jessica Biel chose to dress like - as many of you have pointed out - a cross between Dorothy Zbornak and Helen Roper last night at the Hitchcock premiere.

Scarjo’s in Rodarte and it’s young and fresh and sexy and … delicious. When this girl is on, and I mean this to be complimentary, she makes my mouth water.

Attached - Scarjo with Romain on October 16 having lunch in NYC. And a photo of Romain from Twitter.