And also she kicks all of the ass. In a movie, anyway. The first trailer for Luc Besson’s latest, Lucy, was released and it’s pretty much just ScarJo and her mutant eyes destroying everyone around her. The plot reminds me of that dumb Bradley Cooper movie, Limitless, in which a drug accesses the 90% of the brain that we “don’t use” and thus makes the protagonist super smart and super capable, except Lucy looks more like a straight action movie than Limitless. (That 90% thing is a bullsh*t misconception—all of our brain is in use all of the time, but the majority of it is dedicated to non-cognitive functions like making our hearts beat.) It’s directed by Luc Besson which means it probably won’t be very good but it will be entertaining anyway.

ScarJo has four movies due in 2014, of which Lucy is last on the slate with an August release date. It’s a nice balance, too, between big action stuff like Lucy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier (daily reminder—it’s really good), and indies like Under the Skin (which is REALLY good) and Jon Favreau’s Chef. I used to not be too sold on ScarJo’s acting talent, but she’s really won me over in the last couple years. Her blew me away—Samantha was as tangible as the human characters and she did that with just her voice. Now I wonder how long before Scarlett Johansson, Oscar Winner is a reality. Plus she’s super f*cking hot and I don’t believe you if you say you’re not into it. I have a guy friend who insists he’s not into it but I think he just says that. EVERYONE is into ScarJo.