Bradley Cooper was on Ellen the other day and for some reason it came up that he wasn’t wearing underwear. Scott Eastwood is not Chris Pratt. He is also not Bradley Cooper. But on Ellen this week, amazingly!, he too had his own underwear story. Or, rather, he just “casually dropped” into the conversation that he had an underwear story, more specifically that he was wearing no underwear on the flight to LA and was grateful that Ellen provides Ellen-branded underwear to her guests.

Here’s the clip:

He’s practically panting to tell you that story. And it’s so forced you can almost hear the effort. Scott Eastwood had such a wild night in New York, you know? It was so wild that he forgot to put on underwear…dun dun dun…

What could he possibly have been doing to forget the underwear?!?

OMG that makes him so much more intriguing! And sexy!

Has anyone ever paid to be named PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive? I feel like Scott Eastwood would pay. A LOT.

Maybe that’s what PEOPLE should do with the title. Sell it to whoever wants it the most. We’re almost at that point anyway.