Scott Eastwood is not Chris Pratt

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I know. I’m Captain Obvious with that statement. But first, please enjoy these photos of Scott Eastwood at the NY premiere of Snowden last night and also, earlier in the day, according to the paps, trying to get a girl’s phone number on the street. We’ll never really know what he’s saying but my Photo Assumption here is that he thinks he’s slick with his moves. Look at him. He looks like he’s one of those guys who tells you that you want his number.

So. Snowden. I covered it for etalk here at TIFF. It’s not a great movie. However, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is very good in the movie as Edward Snowden. And Zachary Quinto is very good as Glenn Greenwald. And, also, Scott Eastwood is perfectly cast. Let me explain. When I first heard that Scott Eastwood was in an Oliver Stone film, I was as confused as you might be right now. But it turns out, Scott Eastwood’s character is a swaggering dumbass. He works in intelligence, on a team of super coders and genius analysts. And HE’s the standout idiot. Now it makes sense, right? It’s kind of the best thing about the movie.

Anyway, to promote Snowden, Scott did an interview with Glamour. They asked him about a role he wanted that he didn’t end up getting. Um…all of them? Anyway, here’s what he said:

“…there was a role recently that I thought was one of the best scripts out there that I auditioned for. It’s called Passengers, and it’s coming out in December.”

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are in Passengers. That was what Scott Eastwood was going for. And here’s how he explains why Chris Pratt got it and not him, LIKE THAT NEEDS TO BE EXPLAINED:

“Yeah. But, you know, he's Chris Pratt, so they’re gonna hire him. [Laughs] Who’s Scott Eastwood?!”

I love how in his mind that’s the only reason. Chris Pratt’s a bigger star and of course they’d take the bigger star. And, you know, actual talent had nothing to do with it. Which is rich too, coming from him, and his last name. But this also made me laugh because Sarah wrote an entire article recently about Chris Pratt’s photo shoot for InStyle and half of it was about how Chris Pratt has made Scott Eastwood completely unnecessary. And then Scott Eastwood pretty much confirms it himself.

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