In today’s “There’s Absolutely No Way This Ends Badly” news, Sean Penn and Mel Gibson are going to star in a movie together. The movie, The Professor and the Madman, is an adaptation of Simon Winchester’s book about the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary, and Gibson will play the professor, and Sean Penn will play the madman. Gibson was originally set up to direct, but he handed the reins to Farhad Safinia, who previously worked with him on Apocalypto. I’m sure there’s a perfectly logical explanation for this, but one possible reason could be that Penn refuses to take orders from Gibson because c’mon. There’s no way Sean Penn agrees to make a movie with Mel Gibson unless they’re on equal footing. Or if he’s in charge. But then Mel Gibson probably wouldn’t take orders from Sean Penn.

It amazes me this movie isn’t called Two Assholes. The poster for this movie should just be a photo of two assholes. Whether that’s a photo of a person with two assholes—which would raise a lot of questions, I admit—or two separate assholes side-by-side, is up to the marketing department. But I guarantee if you put a picture of two assholes on a poster, even with no title or other text, people will immediately know that this is the movie starring Sean Penn and Mel Gibson.


Also attached – Sean out in Malibu earlier this week.