They’re together now. Again. And they were in Cannes together to raise money for Haiti along with Paul Haggis. The two showed up together at their obligatory events and also looked happy over dinner with friends at Tetou, a restaurant famous for its bouillabaisse about 20 minutes away from the Croisette.

Sean Penn is... Sean Penn. Sean Penn isn’t exactly Miss Congeniality. Or Mr Easy-To-Love. Petra Nemcova on the other hand - I mean she’s had her issues but she’s actually really, really sweet and pleasant. There aren’t too many ways to assume what that dynamic might look like.

Still...she has her lifestyle and she has his. On Saturday night, I saw Petra at the Ciroc Vodka yacht party on the O’Mega. It’s a CRAZY ass boat. Click here to see. Michelle Rodriguez was DJ’ing. Rich Euros kept speeding up in smaller boats trying to crash to the joint. Apparently even Roberto Cavalli. Super fun and hilarious but not exactly Sean Penn’s scene.

When you’re Petra Nemcova though, and there’s not much editorial coming her way anymore, or runway work, this is the living, this is her base. How that works with Sean Penn is a mystery to me.

By the way, at one point during the Artists for Peace & Justice event on Friday night, Petra was approached by Gerard Butler. Spittle was putting it out there but Petra wasn’t taking. How much would you love to see a territorial pissing contest between him and Sean Penn?