We are two weeks into the year and already it’s been great for gossip. Mimi, JLO, Clooney Twins, thirsty-ass Tom Hiddleston, and now Selena Gomez and The Weeknd. TMZ has the photos – click here to see them.

I mean, if you want to stretch, and it would have to be like the most advanced yoga, you could say these are just friends being affectionate. Or, you know, what everyone else is thinking – this is a thing. Just some background. The background is that he and Bella Hadid broke up not that long ago. Bella and her sister Gigi are friends with Selena. And The Weeknd and JB are friendly too. That’s the good gossip. The darker gossip is… well…

Selena was in rehab for quite a while last year for mental health. And, come on, it’s no secret what the The Weeknd has been known to sing about. His habits. What he uses. Or what he says he has used. He insists it’s in the past. That’s the hope.

As for these photos…and specifically the Photo Assumption…everyone at work thinks she looks like she’s way more into him than he is into her. I don’t see him leaning away though. In fact, I think he’s leaning INTO her. And his hand on hers suggests that he wants to keep her there. There’s no discomfort on his face either. In fact, he seems like he’s enjoying it – scroll through to the shots where he’s smiling. And this guy is not a chronic smiler.

Very closely monitoring Justin Bieber’s Twitter.