The Weeknd performed in Colombia and Brasil this weekend. Selena Gomez flew to Bogota to join him on Saturday and she was sidestage for his performance at Lollapalooza. She also showed up on the jumbotron during his set.


Selena on the big screen at The Weeknd's concert 😍

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According to his tour page, Abel doesn’t have another show until Saturday in Argentina. The next night he’s in Chile. Which means that he and Selena are likely enjoying a few days off together in South America. After Chile though it’s a 3 week break until his tour resumes April 25 in Vancouver. So… in theory… they could be inseparable for the next month?

I mean, given what we’ve seen so far, it doesn’t seem like they want to be separable. Which, looking back, I feel like we kinda expected from the very beginning? When those first set of photos came out everybody was like, nah, she’s hanging on to him. And I’m looking at that smile on his face, from a guy who never smiles, and we’ve seen him so many times in our building in Toronto, it’s off-brand for him to smile, and he’s smiling with her. And he keeps smiling on so many other occasions. This, I think, is why Justin Bieber was so bothered too. He could see it too.