Nicola Formichetti left Lady Gaga and it's been a mess. Her style has been a mess.

Justin Bieber left Selena Gomez, or she left him, whatever, and her style lately...? Not so good. When she tries, especially, not good at all.

Look at this. The point is that she thinks she's doing something interesting here. She thinks she's making a statement. She thinks this will end up on some website to “get this look!” Sadly, it’s not. At least not any website you should be visiting.

And what’s saddest about that is that she’s doing it for his attention. That guy. That boy. The boy who just showed us his come face, the one she used to see all the time. The one he practised on. Can you imagine? Imagine your first serious boyfriend, the one who used to give you his come face. Imagine he’s super famous and you have to look at his come face all over social media. Where do you hide?