Have you noticed that all of Lance Armstrong’s loves look the same? Or, more precisely, they all look very similar to Kristin Armstrong, his first wife? Sheryl Crow and Tori Burch in particular have the same face.  Lance is a very, very good liar and bully, but you know what he doesn’t get enough credit for? Lance, amazingly, fell exclusively for very discreet women. None of them have sold him out in public.

As part of her duties as a guest judge on The Voice this week, Sheryl was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight. She is being widely criticised for being vague in answering the Lance Armstrong questions, refusing to comment on whether or not she saw him doping, and sticking simply with the mantra “the truth will set you free”.

Look, I’m as desperately curious as the next person about what went down when they were together. Maybe even more. After all, as I mentioned last week, I was obsessed with Lance Armstrong. For a while there I consumed everything. So of course I fangirled their relationship. Sheryl spent a lot of time with Lance in Europe. She even took up cycling herself and I remember reading about how she climbed Mont Ventoux on her bike when he was training and how proud he was of her for it. Most people think then that Sheryl had to have known about his doping and had to have been around to see it, and, implicitly I guess, support it. He won two Tour de France titles during her time. And she was with him for most of his races. It’s hard to believe that she would not have observed at least ...something.

In 2011, Sheryl was interviewed by federal agents around the same time his former teammates were testifying against him. She wasn’t under oath but many people believe that by then, the authorities didn’t need her, not when they had George Hincapie and Tyler Hamilton and all the rest.

What sh-t timing for her then that promotion for The Voice had to happen so soon after Lance’s Oprah confession. So she wasn’t particularly forthcoming with Entertainment Tonight. People are bitching at her for this. Are we supposed to bitch at her for this? Is she supposed to, for the first time ever, expose her former fiancé for the cheater that he is... on Entertainment Tonight?

I’m not sure that’s the answer.

Can’t we just focus on vilifying Lance, oh and Beyonce, instead?