Duana and I have been waiting almost a month to talk about Big Little Lies. The embargo was recently lifted. The show premieres on HBO and HBO Canada this coming Sunday. And we are OBSESSED. Normally, when it comes to television, it’s always Duana recommending and me ignoring. And then, after sometimes years of ignoring, I finally get obsessed and have to admit she was right. This time, I started it. Within the first 10 minutes of the first episode of Big Little Lies, I was on the text with her in all caps telling her to hurry up and watch the screener desperately demanding that she tell me if my radar was off because holy f-ck, I love this show – in 10 minutes it was decided. And you know who makes the show?

Reese Witherspoon.

Not my favourite.

But on this week’s Show Your Work, both of us cannot deny that this is the role Reese Witherspoon was made to play. She has never, ever been better. In fact, the entire cast is outstanding but Reese Witherspoon, my GOD, is undeniable. She makes every scene. And she makes everyone else in every scene better. It’s also the writing though, the dialogue, the complexity of these characters, these WOMEN – I’ll be surprised if this show isn’t what we end up talking about from now until Game Of Thrones begins. And I’ll be very surprised if it doesn’t make a major impression next award season. Heads up, there is so much to say about Big Little Lies. And we already say a lot on this episode. So don’t miss it this weekend because you’ll be missing out on a lot of conversation.

From Reese’s best role to the kind of roles she left behind – romantic comedies. Vulture published a week-long series on rom-coms earlier this month, first by positing that the Romantic Comedy Isn’t Dead but it’s just not the same as you remember. How has the rom-com changed? And what do we want now out of our rom-coms? What would happen if Duana and I wrote one?

Then… what’s it like to work as a personal assistant for a celebrity? You heard about Rob Lowe supposedly putting up an ad for a personal assistant? There’s where all the best gossip is: it lives with the PA. If you’re PAing for Rob Lowe though, do you have to manage all his boy sh-t? Boy sh-t on social media?

Not all casts get along. And The West Wing cast, well, most of them do actually get along. But Rob Lowe is rarely, rarely ever at the reunion. Duana and I talk about how it works in Hollywood when it’s just about the work and no more than the work, especially when you’re working in an ensemble.

Finally, the ensemble known as Girls has just kicked off its final season. What is the legacy of Girls? Or, rather, will there be a legacy? I shout-out the indomitable Lindy West here and if you’re looking for the article and the quote, click here.

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