Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross’s new reality show is in full promo mode (it comes out in September). And I was curious as to how they would handle the celebrity cameos – in this clip, we see Diana and Tracee from Evan’s side, and Joe from Ashlee’s side. Do you think Jessica will make an appearance?

Rashida Jones is 42 and found her first grey hair. I’m very jealous. I’ve been going grey since my late 20s and the colouring of my hair on a monthly basis is the bane of my existence. Years ago, I read about a pill that would stop grey hair. What happened to that? Why are they keeping it from us? How can we control our reproductive system with a pill, but not our hair follicles? (I realize I sound like a big hair dye conspiracist.)


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Halle Berry should hang this photo of Prince Harry’s dorm room.

You know what’s so great about being 15? There are universal moments that you share with every other teen, regardless of social status. So even if your parents and godparents are incredibly famous and rich and admired, you will be mortified that they wished you a Happy Birthday. In public. With a cake. And singers. Even if Uncle Elton John is the one singing Happy Birthday it is still SO embarrassing. Even if you’re wearing a Gucci polo shirt that costs $1,000 (yes, I checked). 


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Have you been following An Emmy For Megan? (If not, there’s a Wikipedia entry on it). I really want her to win, just for the acceptance speech. 


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Katy and Orlando don’t have people checking on on them often, but she makes it easy for those who want to (she tagged him in this photo). 


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