Mark Ruffalo’s wife has amazing hair and has to clean out the pet cages. Shouldn’t being married to an Avenger mean you never have to pick up animal poop?


The glamorous life of a Hollywood Actor's wife. Cleaning out the pet cages.

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Yesterday Lainey wrote about boy sh-t… well now Zayn is defending the defence. The thing about being young and having social media at your disposal is that it makes practicing the most powerful feud tactic – staying silent – nearly impossible.


Karlie Kloss gets in her early morning Angel workout.


Lindsey Vonn is single and wants you to know she’s not losing any sleep.


Last night there was a Twitter meltdown because The Mindy Project has been cancelled by Fox, but apparently it will be picked up for two more seasons on Hulu. In response to all the drama, Mindy sent a wink from Montana.


Hey guys, I'm in Montana, is anything happening in LA? #themindyproject

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Sex and the City partial reunion.


I want Keith Urban to shave his head. Or do something – anything else! – with it.


Thanks to everyone who chatted with us on Facebook!!! It was a blast! Tune in to @AmericanIdol TONIGHT at 8/7c - KU

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Ed Westwick wants you to know he still has the means to buy borrow an expensive car.