It’s not like it was a surprise, Sofia Vergara in a tight dress, the same one she’s been wearing for years. But then – it wasn’t seafoam, she looked pretty, and I went on the liveblog about how she seemed like she must get all that body and beauty naturally, because people who are tortured into it for one night seem exhausted by the time they get to the carpet and she never does.

But. Woe those words.

Because the grossness of Vergara on the rotating pedestal was just disappointing. Yes, it was objectifying, but worse, she doesn’t get to be in on her own joke, no matter how much she thinks she does. And she thinks she does.

So I guess someone in the pressroom asked her backstage what she thought of the outcry about the sexist stunt, and she replied (via Entertainment Weekly):

“I think it’s ridiculous that somebody started this—I know who she was—who has no sense of humor [and should] lighten up a little bit.”

She thinks it was one person who was offended by it. You guys. One. She thinks someone maybe in the same room, or that she’s personally close to, decided to have an issue with this.

I mean…are we kidding here? This is what happens. This is when women “don’t need feminism”. I can laugh at myself, I don’t have to think everything is so serious! Also….she thinks it was one person. 


It doesn’t help that she was wearing shoes with a platform so high she couldn’t walk alone and almost fell off that thing. What exactly are we celebrating, besides her ass?

(Lainey PS. Where’s Joe Meatball???)