Sophie Turner, aka Sansa Stark, and Joe Jonas are a thing now. He was in the Netherlands for the MTV European Music Awards with DNCE and was seen with his arm around her. Apparently it was obvious that they're definitely a couple.

Sophie is 20. Joe is 27. This makes sense to me. Think about how old she would have been when we were at Peak Jonas Brothers. Now  take yourself out of your own age and put yourself in hers. His little brother Nick might get the women over-30 but Joe Jonas's range is exactly where Sophie is now. And on celebrity ranking, they're pretty well matched too. For now.

Sophie's been more visible than ever this year. She's spent more time than ever in LA. So far, her fame has been pretty niche. You know her from Game Of Thrones. A lot of people watch Game Of Thrones. But do you want to know her beyond Game Of Thrones? She is of the generation that wants to be known. That wants to be seen, over and above the work. Seen as a personality apart from her character. And now she's given us a reason to talk about her love life, her personal life. As we approach the end of Game Of Thrones, she may see this as a professional opportunity as well.

As for Joe? Well, he was with Gigi just as she was ascending. She was around the same age as Sophie too. And then it was over. And she moved on to Zayn. One more like this and we might be able to call him a jump-off.

Here's Joe at the European Music Awards with DNCE yesterday and Sophie out in Paris for Fashion Week last month.