Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris celebrated their one year anniversary yesterday by telling us it was their one year anniversary on social media. It’s worthy of that kind of attention. Because, as we’ve seen, and we’ve seen all her relationships play out publicly, this is the longest she’s been in a relationship. So she commemorated the milestone on a locket engraved with the date:


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Taylor and Calvin first met, supposedly, on February 24, 2015 at the ELLE Style Awards. Like all major historical events, this moment was documented on Instagram:

It was a Tuesday. And 10 days later, evidently, on a Saturday, they marked their situation but kept it undercover for a few weeks, until May, when they stepped out for the paps, holding hands after dinner.

So, apart from the locket, was there a ring? We don’t know that yet. We do know there was a “one year cake” and a Snapchat video:

That cutesy “oh boy weeeee” expression when he turns the camera to her face though…