The first couple of dancing like everyone's watching was in Nashville last night and couldn't keep their hands to themselves. Yes. I just wrote a totally cliched sentence. But given that the subjects announced their love while waves crashed on the rocky shores with the wind whipping through their hair during their kiss, isn't that kind of allowed?

Selena Gomez's tour stopped in Nashville Tuesday. Taylor Swift was there with some of her best friends and also Tom Hiddleston in a private box dancing their hearts out. Another cliche. That's two so far. I'm going for it. As you can see below, they were not shy about getting public with their affection in front of thousands of people.


Taylor and Tom Hiddleston attending Selena's Revival Tour at Nashville!! #RevivalTourNashville

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Taylor na turnê de Selena esta noite #RevivalTourNashville 💜 #selenagomez #selena #gomez #selenator #revival #revivaltour

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You see how his arm is around her as soon as they come together? Hot, right? And also… he is IN. Nobody’s hiding here. Nobody’s ducking from all the iPhones pointed in their direction. Swoki is a week old. And it already feels like a true meeting of the minds (that’s three!).

Taylor has a house in Nashville and her family lives there too. So now there are rumours that she took him home to meet her folks. (Four!) Because people are still trying to believe that Taylor’s the kind of girl who’s like, hi, first kiss, let’s get married. Isn’t it possible, though, that Swoki happened because it was Tom who initiated and not Taylor? US Weekly is reporting that that’s exactly how it went down. As soon as he heard that Taylor and Carson Harvey were done, Tom made contact, and then sent flowers. Please.


I just need, if you would please, an updated together headshot we can use whenever we post about them.