In my post yesterday on Swoki I mentioned that Tom Hiddleston flew back to LA from NYC and that Taylor’s private plane was seen arriving back from Nashville around the same time. Aviation information was indeed an indication of their status because both were papped working out in LA yesterday and then they went out for dinner. PEOPLE reports that Tom drove, they were on the second floor, seemed to be having a great time, and sat across from each other.

Is it OK to say I’m relieved? Not that they’re together – of course that too – but that they don’t sit on top of each other at dinner? You ever see couples do that? Like their legs are linked? They can’t bear to be even an inch apart? I mean he’s running around the beach wearing a t-shirt with her initials on it and posing for sepia stained pictures on porches while gazing into each other’s eyes. I’m just saying they could have been those people.

Attached - Taylor heading to the gym in Hollywood yesterday and shots of Tom out for a run are here