What's the combined name we can come up with for this? What this?



Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. At her place in Rhode Island. If you recall, they got into each other while dancing at the MET Gala last month:

And the Internet definitely got into them, although she was seen with Calvin Adam Harris Wiles shortly after. Then, about a month later, Taylor and Calvin Wiles break up. Just to recap though, Adam Harris tried to get his story out there first, about how she was pushing for marriage. About how he wanted privacy and she was too public. All about how it was Calvin Adam who ended it with Taylor.

Did he now? Did he really?

Because this doesn't look to me like a girl who remembers what Calvin Wiles Harris Wiles's name actually is.

Is it an accident that we are seeing these now? F-ck no. With her security sweeping the area there is no way these shots would have happened without some help. She let Adam Calvin have his pathetic say. She gave him a couple of weeks. And then she decided to take over with her own message. Oh hi. I'm just with Loki now, everybody see?

Someone tweeted me earlier today about how Calvin Adam has unfollowed Taylor on social media and deleted his breakup message. I haven't had time to check. But he's definitely pouty like that. And, goddamn, he should be. She just upgraded from him to f-cking Loki! Loki!

Taylor Swift and Loki!


Can I trademark this or does it belong to someone else?

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