Last week I wrote about Scarlett Johansson on the cover of the new Cosmopolitan. And it surprised me, because Scarjo is big enough for one of the top level fashion magazines and, well, Cosmo just isn’t there. Yet. Maria is arguing that Cosmo’s making some big moves to challenge ELLE and VOGUE but, right now, they haven’t yet reached that goal. Anyway, the question I asked in that Scarjo post was:

We already know that Beyoncé's taken over ELLE for the May issue. Who could possibly have taken over VOGUE for May 2016 that would be a bigger get than Scarlett Johansson?

Now that we know it’s Taylor Swift, I feel like we should have known it would be Taylor Swift. Because Taylor is co-chairing the MET Gala next month. OF COURSE it would be Taylor Swift.

The last time Taylor covered VOGUE it was with her best friend Karlie Kloss for the February 2015 issue:

Since then, she’s gone on tour, she’s had a boyfriend for over a year, and she won another Grammy for Album of the Year. Which is when this interview took place. And please note, this is not a Beyoncé “interview”. This is a real interview. She actually brings the writer back to her old home town in Pennsylvania, brings him to that now-legendary Christmas tree farm where she grew up.


She brings him to her best friend’s wedding.

Remember we saw all those photos of her as the maid of honour that weekend?


Senior year.

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

The journalist was there too. The journalist conducted part of the interview there. Like at the actual wedding. Which, to me, is kinda funny because at one point he writes that Taylor’s totally low key at the wedding and that the day was totally just about her BFF Britany and her husband Ben but…

You just did a VOGUE cover story at their wedding?


So what else do we find out? She wants to take a break from the last couple of years she’s had and learn new things and relax. Then her famous friends, like Lorde, step in to say that that’ll last a month and she’ll be back at it because she can’t not be creative.

And, yes, Kanye comes up but she claims she doesn’t want to engage, even though she had just made her entire Grammys acceptance speech about him. Also, her favourite drink is an Old Fashioned. So now I’m asking myself if I should stop drinking them. I had 3 last night.

As for the photos? I love them. I love when she’s styled by people who know fashion. Because she just looks so f-cking good in the right clothes. This silver dress on her? Is amazing. Why can’t she show up to an award show like this?

Also they’ve figured out how to actually give her hair that works. Not ash blonde but bright blonde. With a kink wave. And stringy. Now compare that to what it looked like last night when she was out for dinner with Lily Aldridge.

Click here to read the full Taylor Swift cover story at VOGUE.