Here’s Taylor Swift at the premiere of The Lorax yesterday in Hollywood. Trying to decide whether or not like I the dress. The neckline gives the illusion of a collar which I think I might be into but I can’t deal with the sheer panelling on the sides.  Of course yes, because Obvious is what Swifty does best, the look is totally Audrey, her character (voice) in the film...

As for that other film, Les Miserables, that she’s not to be a part of, well, according to Taylor, it was never hers:

“I didn’t miss out on the role for Les Miserables because I never got the role. I was at home and I just started getting all these text messages from my friends saying ‘Congratulations on your movie role’ and I was like ‘What? I don’t understand! I haven’t got a movie role!’ So that is the real story.”

The source of the quote is Showbiz Spy which... can sometimes be full of sh-t. Still, it’s interesting how Swift is spinning it. In a way that her fangirl supporters can run with it like - “seeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! It was all rumours! Taytay didn’t go for that movie and if she did, she would have been in it!”

But it’s also vague enough to allow for her auditioning for it, coming desperately close to it, travelling to London to try and lock it down, only to be told she wasn’t right.

Did she say the right thing? Yes. I’m happy they realised she’s not Eponine but she’s not obligated to broadcast that fact either. It’s a savvy response from an increasingly savvy self promoter. The problem with the Swift brand is that she has to keep hiding it. And somehow this is supposed to be empowering.