As you know, Taylor Swift covers the May 2016 issue of VOGUE ahead of the MET Gala in a couple of weeks. She also participated in the magazine’s online 73 Questions feature. As we’ve seen from previous participants, this is highly rehearsed. They have time to figure out their answers. Some answer them more fake-spontaneously than others. Taylor is not one of those people. Mostly it’s because of that over-earnest way she speaks. Like at the beginning, when she says “The Martian”? It’s delivered with 10 levels of emotion that are entirely not necessary. Then again, I am not a millennial. I don’t honour my feelings, every single one of them, like millennials do. So I get it that my interpretation may not be the same as yours. And that may be why this particular 73 Questions felt SO LOOOOONG to me. It seemed to go on forever.

Some quick notes:

The Grammys. The interview evidently took place before Grammy weekend. Which she tells you basically as soon as she opens the door. Then she mentions the Grammys again later on. She spent a lot of time with the recording academy during the nomination and voting period. And, we all know, she went on to win her second Album of the Year Grammy and shared it with Kanye West.

Calvin Harris planted an olive tree for her for Christmas.

Her favourite TV show of all time is Friends.

My favourite part? Her advice to aspiring singers is to “get a good lawyer”. Not the answer I was expecting. I was expecting “believe in yourself” or “sing from the heart”. But this, this is practical information!


The worst part? At least to me?

What would Taylor say to her 19 year old self? (You think she was the one who submitted this question?)

Her response:
“You know, you’re gonna date just like a normal 20-something should be allowed to but you’re going to be a national lightning rod for slut-shaming.”

Errrrm….really? So Taylor Swift is Amber Rose now?

“She’s an actress, but she’s better known for things that she does on the mattress”

Who sang that?

Taylor Swift. On a song called Better Than Revenge.

The whole song You Belong With Me is basically about how she’s pure and wholesome, a better match for the boy of her dreams who’s dating the cheerleader.

So when was Taylor Swift’s image ever in danger of not being wholesome and “good girl”? When has she ever been publicly accused of corrupting youth and setting a poor moral example? When was Taylor Swift held back socially and professionally for having an active sex life? WHEN!? What the F-CK is she talking about?!?

Also I can’t with this photo she posted on Instagram of herself loving her boyfriend. She's since taken it down but the photo is attached below.