What does it mean that Taylor Swift has Instagrammed the photos from her GQ cover shoot and tweeted about her day at the beach with the magazine but, as of post time, not linked out the interview yet? Click here if you missed my thoughts on Chuck Klosterman’s piece yesterday about her “two voices” and calling bullsh-t on her answer about Bad Blood and Katy Perry.

Oh, and on the subject of Katy Perry…

A reader called Mary just sent me the link to an article just posted over at The Cut titled:

What Is the Point of Katy Perry, Even?

And it’s not a misleading headline. It’s 1,300 words taking off from the fact that Katy Perry will be campaigning for Hillary Clinton but basically, really, about how Katy Perry doesn’t stand for anything and that, well, she pretty much sucks. Here’s an excerpt:

Katy Perry is as conflicted and complex as a pumpkin-spice rug-and-room deodorizer. She doesn't have a look. She never changes. The Katy Perry of 2010 is the same as the Katy Perry of 2015. Her hair color is different here and there. That's it. She wears tight, glittery, rainbow-colored dresses and black eyeliner. Always and forever a Super Star Barbie circa 1988.

Her music is pragmatic pop, no more, no less. It's the sound of shopping for cool shoes at a giant mall. It's the sound of eating French fries in the food court with your boyfriend, the one with the nice eyes who has nothing to say beyond the fact that he likes your butt. Katy Perry's music is all about carefree lingering within the boundaries of the male gaze.

And that’s not even the worst part. At one point, her new nickname becomes “nothingburger”. Every paragraph is equally scathing. According to the writer, Katy Perry comes up short against everyone else including Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, and, yes, Taylor Swift.

Katy Perry isn’t my favourite and I’ve been clear about that in the past. But to be fair, I wonder if aligning herself with Hillary, actually making that statement, is Katy Perry deciding she does want to stand for something…?

I tried!

Click here to read the article.

Attached - Katy Perry, the “nothingburger”, performing in Puerto Rico on Monday.