Drake and Meek Mill have been at it for a couple of weeks now. Or more like Drake has been pretty much destroying Meek ever since last week when he dropped two diss tracks and Meek could only manage a weak response. Click here for a refresher.

This weekend at his annual OVO Fest in Toronto, Drake continued the onslaught.

First there was the t-shirt:

And the there was the performance. During Back to Back, a series of memes mocking Meek were played on the screen him:


Y'all....there's more. #Drake vs #MeekMill @ #OvoFest.

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I’ve attached video of all this below.

But there’s more. How about a shot of Drake, with Kanye West and Will Smith, laughing their asses off at… what? Who?


Incredible night for the city! 6th Annual in the books. Thank you.

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Just to make it clear, they were looking at a photo of Meek and, well, he was the comic relief:

Now Drake’s hinting at yet another song on the way called 3-peat. And how does Meek answer? Last night Meek was in Charlotte. And he decided to freestyle his rebuttal:


Somebody gon catch a wedgie! #MeekMill #Drake #Beef 😩😂

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A wedgie?

That’s what you’re coming back with? A WEDGIE???

Wheelchair Jimmy lyrically annihilates you and the best you can do is a wedgie?

Probably. Remember, Meek was the one who picked this fight. And, God, he did it at the worst possible time: two weeks before Drake hosted his own festival, owning his own stage, at an event that’s attracting bigger and bigger talent, year after year, and catching Drake during a creative sprint, perhaps even accelerating Drake’s current creative sprint. He gave Drake a reason work, like really hard. Which is why the way Drake has battled Meek has been strategic and spontaneous at the same time, releasing the first diss track perfectly as an appetiser, following up with the second as a main course, and throwing it all down at his own show, with worldwide attention a few days later, using social media as his microphone and sword. Did you know they were selling Charged Up t-shirts at OVO? Business. He’s making Meek look like a f-cking amateur.

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