Prince Harry leaves on Sunday for Cape Town on his trip with Walking With The Wounded. They’re expected to begin the trek on November 30th and arrive at the South Pole by December 16. Today there was an event at Trafalgar Square where he spoke about the mission and their goals. Yesterday Harry was at Buckingham Place as members of the charity were brought in to meet with Her Majesty in advance of the expedition. They showed her their puffy coats and some of their gear.

Look at the way she’s beaming at her grandson. Favourite grandson? Does it remind you of her relationship with Prince Andrew? If you haven’t already, and if you have 15 minutes later, or on Sunday during breakfast, click here to read the profile on Prince Andrew in Vanity Fair from a couple of years ago. It’s DELICIOUS. The point of the piece is that Andrew has been indulged. She forgives his nefarious connections, she protects him over and over again from exposure, and she may be to blame for his poor decision-making because she’s spoiled him for so long for so many years. Maybe the Queen has a soft spot for the second sons.