Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted a photo of himself with Tom Cruise yesterday.

As you know, Top Gun 2 has been in the works a long, long time. Last year it was reported that they’re finally working on a script and that Tom is in. The story will supposedly involve drones and whether or not  dogfighting and fighter pilots have a place in modern military maneuvers. Click here for a refresher.

In many ways, a Star Wars-like homage sets up perfectly for the Top Gun sequel. You know how The Force Awakens pretty much mirrored A New Hope? A similar story is there to tell, if Tom Cruise is willing to tell it. Not unlike the way Rocky did it too. Maverick and Top Gun are arguably his most defining roles. Just like Rocky Balboa is Sly Stallone’s. At the end of Top Gun we are led to believe that Pete Mitchell becomes an instructor at the Academy. In the movie, we have an experienced Top Gun instructor, Viper, played by Tom Skerritt, who sees Maverick’s talent, is patient while he works out his daddy issues, and eventually becomes Maverick’s greatest supporter.

Maverick could totally be the new Viper, mentoring a hotshot pilot with a troubled past and all the instincts to be the greatest of all time. The Rocky to Michael B Jordan’s Donnie Creed. I nominate O’Shea Jackson, Avan Jogia, or Zayn Malik. Imagine Professor Maverick giving them sh-t for Instagramming from the cockpit? Sh-t, I want to write this screenplay.

Tom Cruise’s ego though…

Would he take a supporting role in Top Gun 2?