Don’t question. Just... enjoy....the sight of Tom Cruise on his balcony in Miami this weekend throwing down some serious microphone moves, totally immersed he must be in his role in Rock of Ages. And it’s not like he doesn’t know he’s being watched. This isn’t the first time the paps have shot him there. He’s well aware that they’re well aware that that’s where he’s staying. So... this must have been an intentional treat for us then, yes? He wanted to show us what he’s working on. He wanted to gift us with his ... performance. He thinks he’s Hugh Jackman?


Whatever he thinks he is I don’t want it to stop. Ever. Why stop this amazingness? At some point Amazingness becomes Fontrum. Are we there yet? 

Also, can we all agree that Tom Cruise is many things but one thing he’ll never be is Cool? 

So painfully not cool. 

Especially those white socks by the pool with Little Sci Suri and wife Katie. And definitely not his new jaunty hat, since he may have worn out his old jaunty hat, that he insists on wearing almost everywhere, including in the pool, and out for dinner with Katie in a great fitting pair of white jeans. What is happening to him in Miami? It’s like... this movie has triggered something inside him. I wonder if he’ll be able to turn it off. 

Imagine if this was your dad?


Photos from and INF