What’s more Tom Cruise than Tom Cruise on a motorcycle? Highway to the danger zone. Tom Cruise on a motorcycle was introduced to us over 20 years ago in Top Gun. At this point, yes, it’s fair to call that an iconic image. And he won’t let us forget it because every movie he tries to get himself onto a motorcycle to show us how good he looks on a motorcycle.

Tom Cruise suspended in a harness? Also iconic. Most people recognise this image:

Yesterday Tom Cruise did both in Paris – rode a motorcycle and got harnessed for some kind of stunt – on the set of Mission: Impossible 6. It’s the Tom Cruise Total Package – speed, intensity, and he does it all himself! The ultimate action star!

At some point on Show Your Work, when the time is right, we will get to Tom Cruise. Because you know what Tom Cruise is? He is the work embodiment of Stay In Your Lane. But there are others. There are others who also stay in their lanes. They just disguise it so that you don’t see it quite as obviously. Can you guess who I’m thinking of?