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Eddie, Tom, Joaquin, Adam: the lead actors at the Globes

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 6, 2020 13:56:20 January 6, 2020 13:56:20
George Pimentel/ Michael Kovac/ Handout/ Steve Granitz/ Frazer Harrison/ Daniele Venturelli/ Getty Images

My biggest interview last night was Eddie Murphy. I don’t think we really believed we would get him going into it. This is Eddie Murphy, he’s not the most accessible of celebrities and he’s never the celebrity who gives every outlet on the press line a few minutes. That said, Eddie is campaigning for Dolemite Is My Name and if you haven’t seen this on Netflix… Let’s sidebar quickly about Dolemite because it’s GREAT. Full Story

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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood…to cry

Sarah Posted by Sarah at September 10, 2019 17:36:31 September 10, 2019 17:36:31
Kevin Winter/ Amy Sussman/ SHJ2019/ Isaiah Trickey/ Getty Images

More like A Beautiful Day to CRY. Based on Tom Junod’s 1998 profile of Fred Rogers, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is not really a traditional biopic. We don’t walk through the years of Fred Rogers’ life, we meet him at a very specific moment, and experience him through a very specific lens. Full Story

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It’s a beautiful day to cry

Sarah Posted by Sarah at July 23, 2019 14:16:45 July 23, 2019 14:16:45
YouTube/ Sony Pictures Entertainment

Tom Hanks, America’s Dad, is starring as Mr. Rogers, America’s Best Person, in a biopic directed by Marielle Heller, so just start polishing those Oscars right now. It’s called A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, and it’s framed around a journalist, played by Matthew Rhys, interviewing Fred Rogers for an Esquire article (“Can You Say…Hero? Full Story

Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep in The Post

Sarah Posted by Sarah at December 6, 2017 21:33:27 December 6, 2017 21:33:27
Kevin Hagen/ Getty Images

Set during the pre-Watergate Nixon administration, The Post follows the Washington Post back when it was considered a “local paper”. The New York Times is the paper of record, but the Post is under the control of Kay Graham, whose father left the family publishing empire to her husband, who later died by suicide. Full Story

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The “unknowable” Natalie Portman

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 3, 2017 16:57:41 January 3, 2017 16:57:41
Michael Kovac/ Charley Gallay/ Jon Kopaloff/ Jeffrey Mayer/ Getty Images

In November Sarah wrote about Natalie Portman’s Oscar chances, noting that Natalie does indeed give a strong performance in Jackie and that, no doubt, Natalie knows how to campaign for an Oscar, but that the biggest obstacle to her getting another one this year is that she just won one not too many years ago. Full Story

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Tom Hanks in Inferno

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 28, 2016 14:27:00 October 28, 2016 14:27:00

Inferno opens today. The franchise centered on Dan Brown’s religion-themed thrillers doesn’t have a catchy pop culture name, but I prefer to think of it as the “Decaf Indiana Jones” franchise. If Indiana Jones is a little too much—too much action, too much personality, too much style—then Dan Brown’s Decaf Indiana Jones is just for you. Full Story

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dear Gossips,

Yesterday was a good day for internet reading. Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the release of Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black. Some albums, over time, they lose their power. Some albums not only resist time, they defy it.  Read Full Intro