Tom Hardy, my Summer Crush, has been in Namibia working on Mad Max: Fury Road. That’s what the beard is for. This is why he’s been less visible than the other actors in The Dark Knight Rises for promotional appearances leading up to the release. But Tom and fiancée Charlotte Riley arrived in New York today. So he’ll be at the premiere.

They say his Bane is a formidable villain, in the true spirit of formidable Christopher Nolan villains. This is a large part of the attraction - Tom Hardy is an incredible actor. Did I mention Jacek watched Warrior on a flight recently and afterwards was all like, yeah, fine go ahead, because that dude almost made me cry, he’s so good.

He really is. SO good. I sometimes get harder hearing other people talk about how good he is than actually looking at how good he looks.

Will his performance as Bane in TDKR deepen my ardour? I’m sure it won’t hurt even though he’s behind a mask and looks super ‘roidy. But then I again I’ve seen him in Lawless. That’s when I fell in love. If you don’t get it now, you’ll get it after Lawless.