Princes William and Harry were at the Audi Polo Challenge this weekend. Tom Hardy is an Audi ambassador so he made an appearance too. And they all posed together and, well, Tom did his standing thing. By standing I mean with his legs wide. Tom Hardy is the Manspreader among men. Because if he can’t be tall enough he may as well be man enough? That’s my interpretation. And it’s funny. Animal kingdom dude behaviour is funny.

Tom was there with wife Charlotte Riley. You know who else was there? His good friend Noomi Rapace. You’ll recall, three years ago, when Tom and Charlotte supposedly called off their wedding, it was reported that Tom was being “comforted” by Noomi – in the Telegraph! Supposedly they were seen “cuddling”. Tom and Charlotte were photographed together at this polo thing. And Tom and Noomi were photographed together at this polo thing. And then Tom, Charlotte, and Noomi were photographed all together at this polo thing! Move along then. Nothing to see here.