After spending months away working on The Revenant, Tom Hardy is back home in London. Check him out with his wife Charlotte Riley earlier this week warming his hands in his pants? At least I think that’s what he’s doing. He looks so much better now that his beard is under control. He and Charlotte were also at the Audi Polo Challenge last weekend. Tom’s an Audi guy. It’s been a few years, that deal. He looks hot in these shots, right? Hot enough to make you forget about his old MySpace pictures that have been circulating again this week? Every 18 months or so they come around and remind you that he used to be That Guy. Like that Scott Eastwood guy. Which kinda explains why he might get along with Leonardo DiCaprio, non? There’s still some of that in him. It’s why he’s always good for a stank face on a carpet or in candids.