This Means War was on TV during the holidays. I watched the first half, with commercials. You know how some movies get better on television because you’re comfortable on the couch or in bed and your general sense of expectation is just a lot lower? Yeah, no. TV doesn’t make This Means War a better movie. That said, Tom Hardy still looks really hot in it. And it reminds me of what he sounds like…naturally. Because he hardly uses his own accent in his films. What’s amazing is that all of his accents are SO convincing.

Have you seen The Drop? Didn’t you believe that he was from New York?

Have you seen Lawless? Didn’t you believe that he was born in Virginia during the Prohibition with a mumble problem?

This time he’s Russian in Child 44. The trailer was just released yesterday. I feel like the Russian accent might be tricky. Because a Russian accent is one of those accents that sounds fake even when it’s real. Are the movies somewhat to blame for this?

Do you remember John Malkovich’s Teddy KGB accent in Rounders? I love that movie. Partly because Malkovich sounds ABSURD in it. And the absurdity doesn’t distract from the story. It’s the kind of cult classic that benefits from the over-the-topness of Malkovich’s performance. Child 44 doesn’t seem like that kind of movie.

Here’s Tom with wife Charlotte Riley in Palm Springs a few weeks ago.