Standing in from of a roomful of narcissists at the Golden Globes, Tom Hiddleston behaved like the biggest narcissist. And, as you know, he was immediately dragged for it. By some of the people at the Beverly Hilton:

And on social media… and not just by egg avatar accounts, but his peers:

Tom has now apologised.


So it was because he was nervous. THAT’s why he decided to tell us how awesome his series was through the good people working in South Sudan. Nerves. And “inelegance”. Because if he were more polished, it would have been OK? I’m pretty sure that’s the first time Tom Hiddleston has been accused of lacking polish. And he’s the only one doing it. Polish isn’t what he lacks. What he needs to lack more of is pretention.

I’m not convinced that he was nervous. This, to me, is what happened to Tom that night: Hugh Laurie, his co-star in The Night Manager, won a Golden Globe before Tom that night. And Hugh’s acceptance speech was wry and smart and people responded to it. So then Tom wins. He sat through Hugh’s remarks as a “supporting” actor. And he’s just won for a “lead” actor. That, in my opinion, is where he is motivation was. How do I do as well as Hugh? What do I say to make people remember what I said. What I did. How I moved them. I call it a case of the Justin Timberlakes. Should we now call it a case of the Tom Hiddlestons? 

Here's Tom at a Golden Globes after party last night in Los Angeles.