US Weekly’s new cover with a new exclusive: Prince Harry was actually in Toronto this past weekend with Meghan Markle, just as news was breaking that they are dating. As I posted on Monday, the UK’s Daily Express was the first to report that Harry and Meghan were a thing. Also on Monday, it was reported that Harry was supposed to fly to Toronto on Sunday but cancelled his flight because of all the attention – a diversion. According to US Weekly, Harry was already in Toronto, flying in on Friday with one bodyguard as opposed to his usual two, and heading straight from the airport to Meghan’s apartment. So it’s likely that the palace deliberately leaked information to the UK press about that flight on Sunday to throw them off, make them think Harry was still in London, so that he could enjoy his stay in Toronto. 

Apparently Meghan was already spending time undercover with Harry at Kensington Palace in London in September and just before he came to Toronto. And US Weekly says that while she was in London, in addition to previous reports that she’s met Will and Kate, and Prince Charles, Meghan and Harry have also been on double dates with Princess Eugenie and her boyfriend. So she’s been introduced to his inner circle.

And I’ve heard from UK sources that Harry actually told his team of advisors about Meghan back in August. Which speaks to the fact that this is definitely a relationship. By letting them know that she’s in his life, he wanted to prepare them to protect her. Already some UK outlets have been going through her history and sensationalising her background so it’s probably not surprising that Harry’s team is letting some information out through American publications, perhaps sending a message through to the papers in England that they’re not going to get any cooperation if that’s how they’re covering the story. And that too is interesting because it’s an early indication of how Harry wants Meghan to be treated. We’ve already seen this with how William tried to protect Kate. And if Harry’s playing the same moves on Meghan’s behalf this early in their situation, that’s probably also a strong indication of how he feels about her. He accessed his resources and gave a heads up to his staff over two months ago and now they’re mobilising, likely at his request, in her favour. Remember, as he’s said repeatedly over the last few years, he knows that whoever he dates faces an enormous amount of pressure and would have a lot to take on, something none of his previous girlfriends wanted any part of. So Harry is particularly sensitive to them being “scared off”. If he’s engaging his team this early, again, that’s a sign that his relationship with Meghan has some potential. And this is only phase one. More to come soon.