What would the holidays be like without a last look at Vicky’s concrete tits? And here they are, mounted higher than ever, and shelved especially prominently since she’s decided to shave off a few more inches off her waist with a tight cinch. You can never be too thin, you know. And when it comes to Posh, you can never be too ridiculous. Which is why I love her so: Victoria Beckham epitomises everything that smut should be. These were taken yesterday, shopping per usual, staying at Claridges, perhaps some retail therapy to alleviate the infertility blues? Word is she’s having trouble conceiving, apparently that happens when you don’t eat – who would have thought? Naturally, UK gossips are buzzing anew about Beckham strife, if only because it’s been a few weeks since they were last photographed loving each other on camera. This of course is what they were saying last year, and the year before that, and they’ll say it next year too…because they don’t seem to understand that infidelity is not enough to break a brand like Beckham… Silly gossips. Source and Source and Source