You know what I missed? I missed the 10 year anniversary of when Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise. It was in Italy, November 18, 2006. Ten years ago Katie and Victoria Beckham were still friends, they hung out all the time. The reason I’m thinking about this today is because they’re both in New York, both of them were papped today.

Here are some photos of Katie and Posh in Paris for Fashion Week, October 2006. Back then, Posh went as Katie’s plus one, remember:

It was just over a month before the wedding. They sat front row at show after show. Victoria, now, is almost never front row because she’s sending clothes down the runway instead. Jennifer Lopez has worn Victoria’s clothes. Also Beyoncé. Gwyneth Paltrow. Cameron Diaz too. I can’t remember Katie ever wearing Posh. You tell me if you do. 

This moment in gossip nostalgia was brought to you by Katie’s new bangs. Terrible bangs.