The F8 of the Furious—I refuse to use its proper title—also aired a Super Bowl spot, giving us another look at Vin Diesel and The Rock trying one up each other while Jason Statham stands coolly to the side and delivers the trailer’s best line—Stath always gets it done. (Also, hair correction. In the first trailer it looked like Charlize Theron had a hilarious braid-wig, but this trailer shows her more closely and it’s some kind of white dreads situation happening on her head, which is even more hilarious.) I’ve not been the biggest fan of this franchise, but this trailer is heavy on The Rock and Stath, and light on o’e penis-head Vin Diesel, and if the movie actually turns out like that, then I could be very into this.

One of my biggest issues with the Fast/Furious franchise is that it’s propping up Vin Diesel’s career and giving him a platform from which to lobby to ruin other franchises, but if it takes a turn and becomes primarily about The Rock… Well that makes me wonder if that might have anything to do with that alleged spat on set last year. The Rock wasn’t a big player in the previous movie. He looks to have a much more substantial role this time—Statham, too. That’s a lot of alpha-male egos to handle on one set. Makes one wonder how long it can last, with all of them together and no Paul Walker to play mediator.