Dear Gossips,

The New York premiere of Fast 8 happened on Saturday. According to The Hollywood Reporter Dwayne The Rock Johnson was the first to arrive, Vin Diesel was the last to arrive. They did not pose together on the carpet, although The Rock wouldn’t be the only one who just took singles. Charlize Theron also wasn’t involved in too many group shots, if any. Still, while Vin attended the after-party, The Rock skipped it. So while they’re all trying to downplay the fact that the two hate each other, come on now, we know – they hate each other. And it’s Boy Sh-t. This is what Boy Sh-t looks like:

Still, I find it fascinating that people seem to be going out of their way to help them smooth it over publicly. Watch what happens when The Rock stops for ET on the carpet on Saturday. Kevin Frazier hands The Rock a gift, comparing The Rock and Vin’s situation to Shaq and Kobe:

Because they’re men, we want to default to the fact that men are bigger than petty, right? That drama is the domain of women? Please. What’s going on between The Rock and Vin Diesel will not affect the movie. The movie will be fine. And both The Rock and Vin will be fine. But there’s a series on TV right now called Feud, about Bette Davis and Joan Crawford and how they tried to sabotage each other. It’s also, however, about how feuds between women impact their careers and reputations. The Rock isn’t the first person to have objected to Vin Diesel’s work ethic; he’s just one of the few who could afford to call him out for it. What would cost someone else didn’t cost The Rock. Still, even The Rock can’t change the way it works. The way it works is that if a female star had Vin Diesel’s reputation, there is no way she’d be able to continue to work the way Vin Diesel works.

Yours in gossip,