US Weekly has a story this week about Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady’s marriage – that despite fronting like things are fine between them, the relationship is vulnerable. I can’t find the link directly at the US Weekly website so it must be in the print edition but here’s how the Daily Mail is summarising it:

Tom Brady let Ben Affleck and the actor's young nanny - and also alleged girlfriend - Christine Ouzounian, 28, ride on his private jet to Las Vegas in June.

The New England Patriots quarterback also allowed the pretty blonde try on his four large Super Bowl rings.

Brady's wife Gisele Bundchen 'threatened divorce' after learning of the trip, UsWeekly has claimed. And on Wednesday the publication added there is more the model does not know about. 'It could really screw things up,' a source said.

The magazine does not explain what that secret 'information' is about. But made it clear it would upset the leggy lingerie model. Christine was accused of romancing Affleck this spring when he was separated from Jennifer Garner. It is not known how she could upset Bundchen. Affleck and Garner announced their split this summer.

In public, Gisele and Tom appear to be doing fine. The two were seen holding hands in Boston together on September 7. But that is because they decided to 'pretend things were fine' after reports surfaced they were on the rocks, UsWeekly claimed. That is why Gisele showed up to the Patriots season opener and has been seen going on dates with the athlete, it was also maintained.

And now that the stories have died down, they truly want to 'move on,' it was added.

The couple - who have children Benjamin, aged five, and Vivian, aged two, together - are intent on staying out of divorce court.

'Tom promised her things will be different with them,' a source said.

'They want to put the last year behind them,' it was also claimed.

What Gisele doesn’t know…

What doesn’t she know?

US Weekly doesn’t know either and they’re full of it… or they do know but they can’t say on the advice of their legal team, since Tom, as we’ve seen, can get litigious. Sometimes, in these cases, it’s better to wait for the sh-t to reveal itself (it almost always does, doesn’t it, Chrissy O?) and then be the first to come in with more details after. The risk here though is in reporting the story this way, they risk tipping off other outlets to go digging…or they tip off the celebrity, Tom and Gisele, to start shutting things down, covering things up, in which case the real story never gets out. I feel like Tom Brady would have learned from the Chrissy O Ben Affleck situation.

In other Gisele news, she has a coffee table book coming out with Taschen featuring a curated selection of her pictures, taken by the world’s most renowned photographers. It’s a limited edition – only 1000 copies – and priced at $700. Naturally, people are offended by the cost. I don’t know if you’ve ever flipped through a Taschen but… I’m not sure there’s such thing as a “cheap” Taschen. Taschens show up on pretentious gift guides from people like Goop. I browsed through the Valentino book at Barneys once and it was over a thousand dollars. The books are suuuuuper high quality. The materials aren’t cheap. The printing isn’t cheap. The photos have to be licenced. Taschens are more than just photo albums. The fact that they’re dedicating an entire book to her is actually major gloat material – in her world. And, well, as you know, she doesn’t give a f-ck about yours.