A reader called Maureen emailed yesterday:

“I am honestly shocked that no one has coined the term ‘Cumhards’ for the crazy Cumberbatch fans.”

Cumhards makes sense. Because the Batchies behave in similar ways to Twi-Hards, especially on social media. Cumhards ask questions at film festival screenings like, “Can I have some of your yummy-ness” which is not as hilariously insane as tattooing Robert Pattinson’s face on your back but I’m sure we’re almost there.

There was a lot of Cumhard angst on the internet yesterday at the news that he’s engaged to Sophie Hunter. Some valiantly tried to be happy and embrace her. Others felt betrayed. Now the Daily Mail is claiming to have new information about how it all went down.

According to “a friend” of Cumberbatch, he and Hunter have only been together for 5 months. This friend also says he just proposed on Monday and on Tuesday morning, they arranged together to call the newspaper to announce it formally.

For some fans, less than half a year is too short of a time to be dating and go into marriage. Like, they need time to acclimate to her, to get to know her, to get used to the idea of her in his life. How could he be so f-cking inconsiderate?

Here are some Cumhards taking pictures with his wax figure a couple of weeks ago. Like I said at the time, no one was ever more suited to be turned into wax.