Or maybe he wins “most punchable face” of 2015? Does that count as a “best”?

Scott has the pedigree of a movie star (his dad is Clint Eastwood), he has what some consider movie star good looks, and yet he still acts like a thirsty frat bro. How so? Oh there was the time he went on WWHL and, completely unprompted, inserted himself into the Demi/Ashton divorce cheating scandal. Couldn’t wait to tell people that story!

And then there was the time he had his friend photograph him getting super embarrassed buying his own copy of Men’s Fitness. Click here for a refresher. Like Lainey said at the time, if the clerk didn’t recognize you, why are you so embarrassed, bro? And if you are trying to be incognito, why are you having it documented?

Because he’s an important actor, that’s why! According to Scott Eastwood, Scott Eastwood has his pick of the hottest roles, and passed on 50 Shades of Grey because the script wasn’t ready, so he says. This coming from Ryan Gosling, fine. This coming from The Longest Ride guy? No thanks.

Still, is this enough to put him on the Worst of 2015 list? Aren’t most actors and celebrities endless, desperate pits of emotional neediness and grandiose self-delusion. What makes Scott so bad?

This face. This face is what makes him so bad:

Growing up surrounded by movie stars, he should be more subtle, and seasoned. A total Hollywood insider, but in an entertaining way, like Kate Hudson. Instead, he fills his social media with a useless stream of faux-humble self-promotion, lame advice (get outside, bro!) and shout-outs to his fans.

What has two thumbs and brags about being Googled a lot? This guy!

And do you know who we (probably) can blame for the uptick in online popularity? Taylor Swift. She cast him in her Wildest Dreams video. Shake It Off, Blank Space, Bad Blood… Wildest Dreams is kind of the weakest link in this chain, right? Another reason that when it comes to Scott Eastwood, I say: no thank you.