You know who you are.

You out there – you find this attractive?


Because I keep finding new things that are UNattractive about Zac Efron.

You already know about the LipGloss, my husband can’t stand his mangled looking legs, and now … why is his face always so moist and dewy. Is he constantly misting himself? Mariah Carey lives in mist. Does Zac Efron live in mist too? Also, for someone so obsessed with being skinny, there’s some bloat happening there too. Or maybe injections?

And that hair, that hair is becoming a f-cking joke.

I get it that we all can’t quiver about the people. I get it.

But this little piece here is so contrived, so blow dried, so plastic, so packaged, so not real, for me it has the opposite effect.

Zac Efron seriously grosses me out.

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