A new trailer for Zac Efron’s upcoming We Are Your Friends has just been released. Zac’s a DJ who lives in the Valley and wants to make it in LA. And Wes Bentley is the biggest DJ who decides to mentor him. Wes’s girlfriend is Emily Ratajkowski who falls for Zac and then Wes gets pissed and it all goes to hell. That’s my first problem with the story – because even though you’re supposed to be on Zac’s side, why would I ever choose Zac over Wes Bentley? It’s impossible. Then again, Zac Efron’s never done it for me the way he does it for so many of you.

My second problem is that they decided to sh-t on Beyonce. Um. Why did it have to be Beyonce? Why couldn’t it have been Iggy Azalea? Or Lana Del Rey. Or f-cking Robin Thicke?

We Are Your Friends is playing on a familiar formula. Like Wall Street. Except they’re DJs and not stockbrokers. Because DJs are the new rock stars, thank you David Guetta (I hate David Guetta, PS) and Calvin Harris etc etc etc. And millennials don’t want to work in finance, they want to pick songs from their iPhones on a stage in Vegas. We Are Your Friends opens on August 28th, hoping for that Dirty Dancing magic – the late summer sleeper. You know, you’re about to go back to school. The season is ending. You don’t want serious. You want a movie that makes you feel like August will last forever. I can see it working for a certain crowd.